Arguments favoring a multiparty system are spurious

A Theoretical Map of a Multiparty Democracy

In 1999, a friend told me that he’s voting for George W. Bush because he will appoint judges that will overturn Roe v. Wade. “That it’s the only guiding principle you need. The rest will follow.”

Fast-forward to the Supreme Court giving Texas a de facto ban on abortion, prompting an email from my friend saying, “Maybe I was wrong.” While he supported the court’s decision and still wishes to see Roe overturned, he felt the enormous shift in the GOP from 1999 was, on the whole, pretty bad for the country.


Most Americans don’t know what a lot of things are, but have an opinion about them anyway

Illustration: M. Scott Byers

A story in, a news site dedicated to Alabama politics, ran a story with the headline, “

The story involves an interview with state Rep. Chris Pringle, R-Mobile, who wants to make it illegal to teach critical race theory in Alabama. The reporter, Kyle Whitmire, asked Pringle what critical race theory is. Whitmire writes: “Pringle, a Realtor, a homebuilder and general contractor, dug through what he called his…

To understand our politics, you have to understand our cultural insanities

Grainy black-and-white photo of a UFO flying over a park bench overlooking an urban scene in the distance.
Photo: Ray Massey/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Anyone else remember this old map from the 1980s? It was a satirical commentary about Ronald Reagan’s worldview, who, for those of you too young to remember, was the last Republican president that modern Republicans would to vote for today.

Exclusive Pre-production video leaked!

Joe Biden and Donald Trump Urge Everyone to Get Vaccinated!

[ I got an exclusive!!! A friend of a friend knows a guy who drinks with a guy who’s a cameraman for a TV station, and that guy funneled a transcript from a video session all the way back to me. It was a joint PSA that Trump and Biden recorded about urging people to get vaccinated. ]

Director: Ok, Gentlemen. Let’s do one more take. Mr. Trump, please try to stick to the script that you and your people approved. Ok, ready? Good. Start the teleprompter, and three, two, one …

Trump: Hi, I’m President…

Read PurpleAir ratings and checking your air filters — often

Smoke from the Napa County fires in 2020 drifted into the Bay Area (Photo: Courtesy of Dan Heller)

Between August and September of 2020, those of us in the San Francisco Bay Area were trying to findN95 masks, as if our very lives depended on them. There were days where you had to choose between wearing a face covering that would protect us from the pandemic or the wildfire smoke blanketing the region.

For over a month, the air was so bad in the Bay Area that wearing masks was embraced by both Democrats… and Republicans.

Whether you believe the fires were the result of space lasers or global warming or the climate crisis, fire season is now…

Bad Journalism Makes for Great Clickbait

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The headlines making the rounds throughout all of media — social and otherwise — is the one from , “DeSantis signs bill requiring Florida students, professors to register political views with state.”

Truth or Satire? Neither! It’s not true, nor is it intended to be satirical. It’s just plain bad journalism.

But what’s hilarious (in a sardonic way) is how mangled the press and social media is reacting to this. Twitter is abuzz, and has thousands of people talking about it. No matter where you look, from the right to the left to…

Test your IQ (Idiocy Quotient) with this handy quiz!

In our zany world of politics, can you actually tell what’s a real headline, and what’s just political satire? I present some quotes from recent articles, and your job is to tell which of these are actual news events, and which are shameless satire.

  • Truth or Satire: “Audra Johnson, a Republican running for a House seat in Michigan, is running on the platform: ‘Anybody can vote in our elections. That’s not how the system is supposed to be set up.’”

Answer: True! According to , Johnson, who became briefly famous…

One must respect the time-honored traditions of bipartisanship

There’s been a lot of talk about getting rid of the filibuster so Democrats can pass legislation that restores voting rights that red-leaning states have removed.

But liberals worry that Republicans will eventually get control of Congress again, and when they do, they will use that newly removed filibuster to pass new laws that Democrats wouldn’t like. So, they reason, if Democrats do not remove the Filibuster, Republicans will respect that, and will also leave it alone.

I can confirm that this is exactly the right analysis, because I not only heard…

2040 Election Results are in, as Democrats celebrate 20 years of Republican control of Congress

WASHINGTON (AP) — Nov 20, 2040 If you were alive in 2020, you would be shocked, not just at the notion that Democrats would be so jubilant that Ivanka Trump would defeat Chelsea Clinton to become the 50th president of the United States, but that Republicans control Congress.

But again, that would be 2020. Here in the year 2040, it’s a very different story.

For those who don’t recall the old 2020s, it was that troubling time when Republicans’ massive changes to voting laws allowed…

What problem does the “two state solution” solve?

Against the backdrop of the recent violence, with everyone pointing fingers at the other, I considered the “two state solution” by asking something more fundamental: What problem does that solve?

I realize this is a complicated problem, and everyone asserts their opinions about the causes. Politicians and media pundits explain, excuse, and justify their positions, yet nothing gets done. And supporters on both sides feel it’s justified, which further blocks solutions.

From the most basic perspective, the problem is quite simple: As long as one side wants to eliminate the other in…

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