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About Dan Heller

My mother taught political science at Kent State University in the 1970s, and always spoke of the political spectrum as being more like a circle than a line, because those who harbor the most extreme political positions -- either liberal or conservative -- would frequently be indistinguishable from one another, and often occupy arbitrary points on the circle. My humor nerve twitched, and replied (with satirical intent), “No, the center of a circle is the furthest possible point from any other point.” She replied, “No, that’s called being a moderate, and everyone hates moderates, especially partisans that sit on the line.” * * * I've always loved writing and politics, but never have I ever written about politics. Till now. I got my degree in computer science in 1985 and wrote two books on user interface design when modern graphical UIs emerged shortly after the introduction of the Macintosh. After a long career starting tech companies in Silicon Valley in the 1990s, I got an MFA in digital media and wrote four books that covered different aspects of photography and the internet: economic, legal, social and creative. I've also worked as an adventure travel photographer for 25 years ( In 2010, I started the Center for Entrepreneurship at UC Santa Cruz, where I designed and taught an undergraduate minor degree program, where students would work with professors to start companies based on patents the professors had filed in association with their research. I later joined one of those companies, and grew it till my own retirement in 2018. I now find great joy in doing what I've always wanted to do: Write about politics. It's the most insane, crazy, irrational behavior we humans can possibly engage in. And I do this because, above all else, I love humor. I live to laugh. As Dave Berg (Mad magazine cartoonist) famously said, "People are funnier than anybody!"

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