Can someone please explain how to start a newsletter? And about starting the older “Letter” for that matter. I’d love to have a mailing list (administered by medium), but haven’t found any info on how to start one. It shouldn’t be so hard to discover. Shouldn’t this be obviously visible somewhere on your account page, or elsewhere?

This also leads to another question that isn’t obvious anywhere: What’s the difference between a person having a medium account that posts articles, versus a “publisher?” I can understand that a publisher can imply multiple writers, but it can also be just a single writer. In that case, what’s the difference (or point, or advantage) of classifying yourself as a Publisher?

And why is finding out about these things so difficult? The FAQ on getting started simply talks about writing and submitting stories.

I have a feeling this is not the best place for me to post these questions, but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere else to do so.

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