• Julia Ward

    Julia Ward

  • Virginia Postrel

    Virginia Postrel

    L.A. writer on commerce & culture, Bloomberg View columnist. Author of The Power of Glamour: Longing & the Art of Visual Persuasion.

  • Sarah Martin, MA, CSC

    Sarah Martin, MA, CSC

    Sex Coach for the Highly Libidinous. Dignified Hedonist. Get the Hedonist’s Guide to Flirting Archetypes http://bit.ly/flirtingSOS

  • Michelle LaVallee

    Michelle LaVallee

  • Bill Petro

    Bill Petro

    Writer and technologist. Author of fascinating articles about history, tech trends, and pop culture. billpetro.com @billpetro

  • Julian Dumitrascu

    Julian Dumitrascu

    My teams provide people, methods, and means to help manage your relationships, data, and resources: www.sol.enterprises

  • Psa Patricia

    Psa Patricia

  • Sophia Smith

    Sophia Smith

    writer and editor // Ⓥ // Heavy weights, heavy music, words of all size

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