I think this brings our discourse to a nice closure. I’ll finish with my final thoughts on your message.

Each of the transformative cases you described came as a result of enormous social, political and violent disruption, where societies had to start from scratch (or close enough). You cannot have such substantial change without all three of those at once, so I don’t think your TDG project envisions a new political apparatus that cannot possibly evolve as a result of any kind of peaceful, voluntary change.

Now, it’s another question entirely whether your idea is viable. I personally don’t think it is, which is the reason I cited my story about my friend that envisioned a future where Roe was overturned. What I said to him is exactly as I’m saying to you: Be careful of what you wish for, because you might get it. A government that overturns Roe would be one that has has a blatant disregard for many of the civil rights to society, such as the right to privacy and other aspects of a functioning society, that you would not want to live in it.

For your system to work, people would have to abandon too many aspects of how people “work” —how they socialize, collaborate, negotiate — these are all the normal human ways that people get stuff done. Including government. A governing society will always be reduced to a series of compromises between groups — otherwise known as ‘horse trading’ — and that’s what leads to political parties. Call them something else if you want, but a rose by any other name… Your idea of a government without political parties — or the rose of a different name — would require humans to act in ways that are not, well, “human.” Whatever that is, it isn’t us.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t respect the enormous effort and thoughtfulness you invested into your project. It, like many other ideas, probably have splinters of concepts that can infiltrate into existing aspects of the existing system. Who knows. But as I said, everything in politics (and society) is incremental. Try something, see how it comes out, then modify as needed to get to the next level.

I’ll be posting more satire soon, and it’ll be good to hear your thoughts on those topics at that time.

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