Yes, you’re right about MTG . She, and many others are simply in highly red/pro+trump districts that are not gerrymandered to suit. In fact, look at Kevin McCarthy who’s got a very similar district as MTG, and he resides in California! A state with independent commissions.

I’m not saying there aren’t crazy people, so you’re going to get some of these nut-jobs, for sure. A lot! Truly.

But what I am saying is that these cases would not be enough to take over control of the GOP the way that it has. It’s those districts plus the gerrymandered districts that, combined, tips the GOP into crazytown.

Remember, the 2020 election was close, so if you had independent commissions in all states, then many of those house seats that went to Rs wouldn’t have. Plus, you’d also have a lot more competitive state elections, which is the other half of the problem. You remember those guys: they’re the ones instituting these new voter restriction laws.

Gerrymandering is what got them just over the hump — just barely for now. And it’s going to get worse with the 2022 maps. So again, independent commissions would nudge that balance back into a tad more sanity, enough to get a reverse effect: where the Trump-nuts wouldn’t be in control, forcing the rest of the GOP to be a tad less extremist. Just a tad, but it’s a start.

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